Sunday, January 15, 2012

New "big data" book in the works from Manning Press

I received an email this morning from Manning Press announcing an early access edition of their upcoming book "Big Data."

"Big Data" is by Nathan Marz and Sam Ritchie, both engineers at a little startup called "Twitter" of which you may have heard. The book is a survey of the practical aspects of implementing a Big Data solution. As an early access edition, currently only the first chapter is written (and freely available at However, promised chapters with titles like "MapReduce and Batch Processing" will cover topics like Hadoop installations,NoSQL databases, and the like.

For the uninitiated, early access editions (MEAPs or
"Manning Early Access Program" in Manning parlance) allow you to purchase
the book before it is entirely written. The purchaser is granted access to
each chapter as soon as it is completed. For more information on MEAPs,

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